A little bit of Mostaza changes everything.

We design your company’s internal communication plan in the format that best adapts to your moment of change.

Commitment is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed.

Communication strategy

We help you think, plan and implement the best internal communication strategy to achieve the commitment of your teams to the transformation. We diagnose the starting situation, analyze the complexity of the change, define the strategy, create the narrative and the verbal and visual identity, identify the relevant conversations and the most appropriate channels, define the indicators and the governance model and get started.

If people don’t change, there is no change.

Key Project Communication

We accompany you in the implementation of your organization’s strategic projects through a mobilization plan that engages leaders, inspires and energizes teams to achieve business objectives and move the metrics you have set (customer satisfaction, employee experience, adoption of digital tools, alignment with the company’s culture and values).

What better than a pro team looking after your pro team?

Agency for internal communication

We define strategies, design campaigns, and implement internal communication actions to achieve all your objectives: educate, inform, motivate, recognize, inspire, mobilize, and TRANSFORM!

If internal communication is not strategic in your organisation, it is time for a change in your organisation.

Helping to transform the Communications Department

We can help you create, rethink or transform your communications department to make internal communications a strategic function and help the business meet the challenges of change.

Facts matter (well, but also knowing how to tell them well)

Internal spokespeople and influencers

Our aim is to amplify the impact of internal communication and employer branding through the involvement of key individuals. We train the leaders and representatives of your organisation to effectively communicate and enhance your corporate brand. This includes programs such as executive branding, personal branding, brand ambassadors, and employer branding.

¡Give me an emotion to lean on and I’ll move the world!


We design, create and implement communication activities to mobilise your teams around your objectives.
On and offline events, participative communication dynamics, team building, gamification, recognition programmes, incentives, digital communities…

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