We are an internal communication agency specialised in driving change in your organization

We’ll guide you in the following projects:

Brand and purpose

We connect, mobilise and engage internal audiences and key stakeholders with the company’s brand and purpose and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Culture and organisation

We drive the change in company culture and the organisation to achieve business transformation.

Operating Model

We set up teams with a new way of working at an innovation, industrial, supply chain and commercial level so we can build a new omnichannel customer relationship model that is more competitive, more profitable and more efficient.


We set up the means of communication and incorporate the tools that allow for centralised connection across territories to accelerate the internationalisation processes and act as a single global company.

The client comes first

We mobilise the entire organisation, central teams, sales network and points of sale towards the client to ensure the three levels of experience: process, product and brand.


We empower teams to adopt new digital processes and tools This way, the organisation becomes more agile, more efficient and creates a better customer experience.

The Five Keys to Communication for Transformation



Understanding the complexity of change and the motivations that drive it.


Devising a joint communication plan to promote change. Obtaining the commitment of all the people involved.
  • Storytelling
  • Awareness & Desire campaigns
  • Engagement Campaigns
  • Communities and social media
  • Gamification and incentives
  • Face-to-face, digital and hybrid events


Generating and emphasizing the desire for change.


Talking to different teams to ensure that everyone understands the aimed transformation.


Amplifying the messages of change and strengthening its commitment towards it.

We design your company’s internal communication plan through different actions

30 years accompanying companies in their transformation processes around the world



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